February 2019
Pregnant Woman
Inclusive Parental Leave Nozipho Mvulane The Labour Laws Amendment Act 10 of 2018 (LLAA) was signed into law late November 2018.  Large sections of the LLAA came into effect on 1 January 2020; being the parental leave provisions. Greater protection to employees who are parents The LLAA’s main objective is to provide greater protection and […]
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Substance abuse in the workplace
Substance Abuse In The Workplace Nozipho Mvulane The Constitutional Court sent shock waves for employers, human resource departments and labour consultant alike towards the end of 2018 with its judgment in Minister of Justice and Constitutional Development and others v Prince (Clarke and others as Intervening Parties, Doctors for Life International Inc as amicus curiae) […]
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People using social media
Employees And The Use Of Social Media Nozipho Mvulane Social media can be a great way for people to connect and learn from each as well as the various sites that they follow. However, it comes to damaging the reputation of an employer (of the employee themselves), the power of social media cannot be stressed […]
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