June 2019
The Most Common Offences Employees Are Dismissed For Nozipho Mvulane Misconduct is one of the most common ways in which employees can receive warnings and even, ultimately dismissal. The term “misconduct” in labour relations in South Africa can embody a variety of acts and omissions. It is almost impossible for an employer to be aware […]
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Complying With Ethical Business Standards Nozipho Mvulane The base tenement of the employment relationship is that an employee will tender their services in exchange for compensation. The compensation is usually financial in nature. This transaction should be based on ethical, moral and legal foundation. It is important that employees understand and comply in upholding legislation […]
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Houses in a gated community
Residential Estates: Limiting Association Rules Arisha Rajaram Due to the frequency of criminal related activities in residential areas, people are favouring the communal living within a gated residential estate. While this does provide for a secure environment, there are various issues which may arise regarding the rules of the home owners’ associations, and bodies corporate […]
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Building plans
Building Plans: Unsightly Buildings Versus Duty Of The Local Authority Arisha Rajaram With the aim of aligning South Africa with international standards, we have seen an increase in high-rise buildings, and modern structures. Whilst the intention of these structures is to enhance tourism and improve the economy, they may at times, negatively affect the neighbouring […]
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