July 2019
Debt Review
Removal Of A Debt Review Order Nozipho Mvulane A debtor can apply for debt review where they are over indebted. This is an application done with the assistance of the debt counselor through an order of court.  Debt review is a process where a debtor can lawfully restructure their debt in order to meet their […]
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Divorce In South Africa Nozipho Mvulane Maintenance pending divorce proceedings  South African law recognises spousal support. Maintenance can be in the form of spousal and/or maintenance for the children. Where a divorce is protracted and/or not amicable, a party may apply for an interim maintenance order pending the finalisation of the divorce.  Maintenance orders during […]
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Identity Theft
Have You Been A Victim Of Identity Theft? Here Are Some Of Your Legal Remedies. Nozipho Mvulane Falling victim to identity theft can have devastating effects on your credit record and your ability to enter into credit agreements. What is equally frustrating is trying to reclaim your identity.  Contacting SAPS  One of the most important […]
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